Beautiful photography!!! I like to see the world through your eyes! Stunning!
— Annette Evans

I have been given the desire to create. It's a passion instilled so deeply in me that it's part of everything that I do.Photography is creating art around what has already been created - YOU! I love people and I love viewing  their experiences in life through a lens. I can create a tangible moment that you can keep and pass down for much longer than that moments' existence. To be honest, everything I photograph has already been wonderfully created, but I would be honored to be a witness and show you what I see on the other side of the lens.Show me your love story, show me your family, show me your dance moves! I'll capture it all.

 - Emily Jean

From engagement shoots to bridal pictures to dance pictures, you can pretty much count on this girl to make you look and feel beautiful.
— Sarah Bostwick